State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said a long-term plan needs to be taken for the use of domestic energy. We should think now about how the fuel that was used for 10 years can be made 15 years.
The state minister was speaking as the chief guest at a webinar titled “Prosperous Bangladesh, Uninterrupted Power and Energy Security Budget” organized by CRI on Thursday.

He said pre-paid meters would make an effective contribution to the economical use of electricity and gas. Efforts to strengthen Bapex continue. Bapex has successfully increased gas production by performing workover activities at Shahbazpur # 3, Srikail # 4, Fenchuganj # 4 and Titas # 6 wells by 2020 and by 2020 Bapex has explored Srikail East # 1 wells to store potential 50 bcf of recoverable gas, Sylhet # 9 wells. There is a possibility of producing 35 BCF gas. After digging up to a depth of 2972 ​​m in Zakiganj # 1 well, perforation has been completed at a depth of 272-264 m and well testing (DST) activities are underway.

He said the incentive to generate electricity from renewable energy continues. In the future, renewable energy could be one of the main sources of power generation. Wind power, ocean energy, power from waste, solar power, etc. will make a huge contribution to the future energy mix. The Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) is collaborating technically to generate electricity from renewable energy and save energy. The Energy and Power Research Council is funding the research. Moreover, Bangladesh Power Management Institute is making effective contribution to human resource development by organizing necessary training.

The State Minister for Power said initiatives are underway to add ERP, SCADA, smart grid, smart prepaid meter, underground cable system, underground substation and GI transformer in the power system and management with a prosperous Bangladesh in mind in 2041. The power and energy sectors are preparing to face the Fourth Industrial Revolution by integrating the Internet of Things with Big Data.
Mohammad Hossain, Director General of Power Cell presented the keynote address at Warbinar. He highlighted the demand and supply of electricity and fuel in 2041.

Waseka Ayesha Khan, Finance and Planning Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, MP, Prof. M. Tamim, Energy Specialist and Information and Research Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, Dr. Shah Ali Farhad, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister. Selim Mahmood spoke from the joint.
Arun Karmakar, Chairman, Forum for Energy Reporters Bangladesh, Mollah Amjad Hossain, Editor, Energy and Power Magazine, and Shahnaz Begum, Special Representative, Daily Observer, discussed the current state of the power and energy sector as a panelist. The speakers discussed capacity building, human resource development, reduction of import dependence, efficient energy negotiation and enhancement of domestic resource exploration.

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